Hope you have all had a wonderful Easter hope u got tons of eggs school next Monday dreading it don’t want to go but I can’t pick and choose aughhhhhhhh Advertisements

Hey to all you people I just was so excited that I needed to inform you about my new book 📚 I’m not gonna give spoilers but but I will keep on updating you on how it is going and then when it is done I will be able to publish my own books 📚 … More

My roman wall it will soon be complete and when it is we will strike thank you to all the people who are supporting us right now there will be more pictures soon we’ll let’s wait till Olivia is awake by thank you again 😜

Hey people out there I’m Kyle and my friend Olivia will be joining me on epic adventures throughout years. You are probably thinking what do u do well what we do is we build Viking kingdoms and Roman Empires so there you go it gives u a teaser so by tomorrow morning there will be a photo posted. now goodbye for now till we meet again. bye guys

To come..

soon to come me and Kyle are going to be build some creative stuff/ share ideas. So we will keep you postsd and we will be keeping  you up to date on what we are building so stay tuned